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Since 2002, we've been delivering boardgames all over the world. In the process, we've built a fulfillment process that's an ideal fit for your crowdfunding project's needs!

With our fully automated processes, we're able to offer same-day order shipment. Due to our central location in Europe and our close proximity to the Halle-Leipzig airport (one of the largest logistics airports in the world), our deliveries can get anywhere faster and with fewer delays.

We started our fulfillment service in 2014, and since then have worked with many companies whose games have been successfully funded on Kickstarter. We also run Europe's largest crowdfunding site for boardgames – Spieleschmiede, which along with Kickstarter allows project creators to reach as many stretch goals for backers as possible. We specialize in the business of our customers!

Our Fulfillment Services:

Right from the start we give each of our fulfillment partners individual attention and do our best to communicate in as relaxed and uncomplicated a way as possible.

From the very beginning we provide our partners with powerful tools to help them create and manage their orders, view their invoices, and track their deliveries. Each delivery is detailed individually for full transparency, and this information is accessible anytime.

We handle the import, customs clearance, and VAT accounting of your products. We can also arrange for pickup from the manufacturer, as well as forwarding to other warehouses. We help find the cheapest and best option for you.

We inform your backers about the status of their deliveries, handle shipping questions, research delivery problems, and handle replacements.

After completion of the initial project, we can also offer the games for sale on our website: Here you can reach our existing customer base of over half a million boardgamers looking for new games. We can also continue to serve as the source for EU shipping of your games, fulfilling orders placed via your own website or to other European suppliers after your crowdfunding campaign is over.



Tel: 0049 3461 824899
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If you have other ideas about how we can assist you, please let us know! We want to show you we have what it takes to be your fulfillment partner.

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